Northwest Specialty Hospital


Northwest Specialty Hospital


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Blue Zone partners with one of the largest employers in the area to bring a revitalized vision of the brand to the North Idaho community.


Northwest Specialty Hospital has experienced tremendous growth over the last 20 years, but their online presence wasn't able to keep up. NWSH hired Blue Zone to update their online presence to match their stellar in-person reputation with the digital world.

  1. RELATIONSHIP: Throughout our partnership, Blue Zone has dedicated a full-time account manager for Northwest Specialty Hospital and regularly attends staff meetings and works from on-site. This allows us to become a team member of NWSH and understand all the needs of the brand.
  2. CREATIVITY: Blue Zone is bringing never before seen levels of creativity and innovation to the Northwest Specialty Hospital brand. We truly care about their mission and want to see them be the best in the area. And that free's us up to dedicate all of our resources, brain power, and effort to making this brand look amazing.
  3. DIGITAL DESIGN: Blue Zone has lead the charge in updating years of outdated print collatoral. Bi-folds, tri-folds, one-sheeters, envelopes, and ad signage - all were in desperate need of copy and design updates and Blue Zone has delivered.
  4. FLEXIBILITY: The healthcare landscape can change quickly, especially in a rapidly growing area like North Idaho. We work closely together to adapt our messaging and our efforts to match whatever the days priority may be. Our rock star team works hard and fast to pull off the best medical branding you'll ever see.

What we've done

  • Built a new website to bring them up to date with the latest trends and user expectations of a healthcare website.
  • Post and manage all of their social media platforms, experiencing Month-Over-Month increases in social media engagement and growth for every month (5 months) in partnership.
  • Regular media (bi-weekly), at various clinic locations to help communicate the offerings and atmosphere found at each of their 20+ locations.
  • Ad management and optimization. Running Google and Social Media ads to increase awareness and appointments as the brand opens new locations to the area.
  • Consistent blog writing to improve organic SEO.
  • Managed and run print collateral and ad buying campaigns throughout the local community.
  • Worked with Anton Watson, a local Gonzaga University basketball star to shoot and promote a commercial running during all Gonzaga games during the 2023-24 season.

Check it out below!


The brand has experienced the highest numbers they've ever seen across the board. Website traffic, social media engagement and followers, and SEO page rank are all up exponentially compared to 2022 and previous years.


By dedicating a team and resouces to their marketing, Northwest Specialty Hospital has become relevent and trendy in the local community and is building top-of-mind awareness as the area continues to grow.....with help from Blue Zone of course!

Let's Get to work!