“Blue Zones” around the world are regions in which people live much longer than average. Researchers have identified just what sets these regions apart. Turns out, they all share specific lifestyle habits, proving that only 20% of how long a person lives is genetic. The rest is lifestyle and environment.

We’ve taken this truth and applied it to our lives – and the lives of our own business – with great success. It’s time for us to share this method with the business world. It’s the heart of what we do. We apply the Blue Zone Philosophy to companies. That’s how we extend the life, and increase the health of your business.

When we apply these principles to a business, we create a Blue Zone – a “sweet spot” of optimal branding, reputation, and services within your company. And that’s where you’ll thrive.

the Founders

Dominic Longo


Melissa McKnight

VP of Sales & Client Success

Tiffany Longo

VP of Creative

Kenny Dodge

VP of Digital Marketing

the Managers

Camilla Kramer

Client Success Manager

Dyson Scott

Creative Director

Ashley Howard

Media Director

Zane Moore

Business Development Manager

the team

Aaron Polk

Graphic Designer

Micky Fritzsche

Media Manager

Josiah McIntosh

Media Manager

Perris Richey

Account Manager

Gabriella Longo

Account Manager

Anne Hayes

Senior Copywriter

Josh Miller

Account Manager

Taylor Haas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Juliette Poignand du Fontenioux

Account Manager

Hagan Robb

Media Manager

Ashley Albright

Account Manager

Mekole Allison

Account Manager

Noelle McEachran


Morgan Dixon

Digital Marketing Specialist

Cyrah McKnight

Account Manager

Pat D'Angelo

Account Manager

Gracie Wohl

Reputation Management Intern


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