Cornerstone Commercial Investment


Cornerstone Commercial Investments






Blue Zone helped a young investment company level-up its game with media, a new website, and ongoing social media management.


Cornerstone Commercial Investments is a small team of highly invested, energetic people looking to grow their real estate investment company. They had a basic website that they had used to get their business launched. They were running minimal social media ads, and looking for new ways to find investors for a number of upcoming real estate projects.

The CCI team came to Blue Zone looking for:

  1. RESEARCH: CCI needed new ways of finding investors. Blue Zone has been able to find these investors through social media, organic SEO, and media optimized for ads across all platforms.
  2. STRATEGY: Cornerstone had minimal experience running social media ads and needed new ways of targeting demos and running a/b tests to get the best result. Blue Zone collaborated with them to increase their ad conversions across social media.
  3. EXECUTION: After research and strategy, it was up to Blue Zone to ensure the work was done well and in a timely manner. With Cornerstone's active involvement, we've been able to create a partnership that is flexible and efficient.
  4. ROI: Ultimately, success would be judged on how BZ's marketing efforts translated to real-time revenue for CCI. To-date, Blue Zone ensured the closure of a major real estate investment raise (confirmed by new investors sharing where they heard about CCI), which allowed CCI to begin construction and ultimately, the renting of revenue generating properties.


  • Created a new, SEO-enriched website that levels-ups the brand creating a sleek and modern experience, increasing time-on-site and organic traffic.
  • Managed all of the social media posts with captivating, educational content that has garnered tremendous organic growth in impressions and followers.
  • Captured dozens of hours of high-quality media including, headshots, project shots, b-roll, ad content, and drone footage of construction sites.


Cornerstone Commercial Investments has seen tremendous growth from all channels. They have wrapped up a major investment raise and have been able to share the good news through their professional media.


Working with CCI has been a blast for the BZ team. We love getting the opportunity to work with highly qualified businesses and help them tell the world all about what they can offer.

Let's Get to work!