May 1, 2022

Why Video Content Matters

Any business–yes, any business–can benefit from having the right video content on its social media platforms and website. Featuring high-quality video footage is a great way to get more views and improve your page’s SEO ranking. If you’re not quite sure how to make this happen, working with digital media managers can help you to create the professional video content your business needs to be seen in today’s highly competitive online marketplace.  

Even a short video can tell a story in a way that a static picture or pages of text just can’t. If, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can do even more to tell customers what you can do for them.

The popularity of video sites like YouTube and Tik Tok–not to mention television and movies–should be proof enough that people more readily really engage with the medium of video.  And, unlike a photo or blog post, a well-produced video can tell a story in a way that is quick and memorable. Having at least some video content on your social media networks and website can be the perfect way to better connect with your audience and to generate more visits and sales.

Professional Videos are a Good Marketing Investment

These days, with smartphones, it’s dead easy for anyone to make a quick video and upload it to the web.  But truly effective video content for the purpose of marketing your product, service, or business should be held to a  higher standard. Content that looks amateurish can actually detract from your brand and, instead of bringing in new business, work against you.

Consequently, if there’s only one area of your online marketing strategy where you want to invest in professional support, it should be videography. Since video content conveys so much more information about your brand’s story than any other medium, this is where you want to put in some thought, planning, time, and effort. Digital media marketing specialists can work with you to develop professional, engaging videos that will not only keep your viewers watching to the end, but make them willing to share your content and connect with your business.

Videos Help You Track Customer Engagement

Facebook and Instagram metrics show that videos get significantly higher engagement than photos, making them the perfect way to drive awareness for your brand. The reason for this is simple: in a busy world where people have short attention spans, your customers want information quickly, and in a way that engages and entertains them. Video is an efficient and effective way to meaningfully and quickly share a lot of information that cannot be matched by text.

From an online marketing standpoint, video has another advantage:  it allows you to track engagement in a quantifiable way.  Your video’s reach can be measured through the number of shares, views, and likes that are logged, telling you exactly what messages are connecting with your intended market.

Video Can Bring Your Brand Story to Vibrant Life

In the online world, you only have a very limited timeframe in which to get your audience’s attention.  Accordingly, when it comes to your website, your goal is to get users to stop surfing through pages of sites and stop on yours. If you can’t catch their eyes with engaging content, they will quickly swipe to the next image or website.

This is why video content is so important.  When your site is visually captivating, you create the opportunity to tell your brand’s story, and explain why they should care about what you have to offer.  Once you capture their attention, your brand will be more attractive and more memorable. Your goal is not merely to sell a product or service, but to show your audience how what you offer provides a solution for what they need in their lives or their businesses.

Videos Provide Significant SEO Value

One other reason you should invest in quality video is that video content provides a significant “plus” factor for search engines. This means that having even a short clip or two on your website will earn your site a higher ranking on Google–which means that customers who are looking for your product or service will find you more easily. Integrating professional video content into your website is an organic way to drive more potential customers and clients to your website.

Work With a Digital Media Company That Knows Video

As you can see, featuring high-quality video content is a must, so it makes sense that your business should invest in having the best support possible to make this happen. Whether you want to improve your Instagram Stories or go bigger with a full-scale video advertising campaign, working with a digital marketing professional is an investment worth making.

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