August 22, 2021

Top 3 Tips When Creating Marketing Content

If you are a B2B or B2C business, you most likely have the same goal – reach potential customers and convert them into sales.

Reaching potential customers can be tricky.  You can pay to show up in search or you can navigate the ever-changing search algorithms and show up organically.  In this article, we are going to focus on the latter. Tips on creating effective content marketing that will reach your customers while they are searching.

If you have ever read Steven Covey’s “7 Habits for Highly Successful People” you might remember habit #2: “Begin with the end in mind”.  In marketing, as in many things, this is a very important mindset. In this case, the “end” is your customer landing on a page filled with content that is both relevant to their search and to the product or service that you want them to buy.

Relying on search terms common to your industry will have you spending all your time and money fighting for search supremacy.  What if you instead created content that was relevant to a question or topic? This seems straightforward, right? It is straightforward in principle, but following a few simple steps will ensure your success.  Think about what ‘problem’ your company is solving, or what ‘need’ it’s fulfilling.  Then, create content that details how you do it using text, images, and video. Now, you have information people are searching for, examples of your work, and you’ve established yourself as an expert.

Here are a few steps and tools to get you started:

    Pick your subject: This may seem like a silly thing to do.  After all, you are the expert on your product or service. But this research is all about finding content related to your industry that people are searching for.  Start by using Google to search for your business. See where you show up.  Then, search like you are a potential customer, using specific words ABOUT your product or service. See what content and businesses show up.  You can use tools like
    to find common questions about your industry. A tool like
    refines a Google search to only blog content.  This will tell you what other content is out there like yours. It should also give you some inspiration on what subject to choose.

    Pick your Title: Your title is important because that’s the first thing a person searching encounters in the search results.  The relevance of your title is a major factor in the search algorithm. There are some very effective tools to check the strength of your title.
    is a free tool where you submit your title and it returns a score based on emotional and trigger terms you’ve used.  You can also Google your title and see what pages pop up.  Titles that use numbers like  “ Top 3 Tips When Creating Marketing Content” ;-).   Or titles that use words like “Best” or  “Worst” score very high.  But at the end of the day, if your headline is not compelling, you’ll lose up to 80% of your audience.

    Research Keywords: Okay – you have your subject and your title. Now it’s time to start crafting your content right? Nope, not yet. You need to do a little more research to ensure your content is on point. Keyword research is vital to understanding the language your target customers use when searching. Start by analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing the best
    opportunities for your content. Tools like
    SE Ranking
    give you a difficulty score, current search volume, and even related terms. Create a list of the most relevant and high-scoring keywords, then incorporate them in your content.

You have everything you need to write a great blog, impactful social media post, or add a new page to your website. Remember there is no silver bullet to SEO.  No amount of backend coding or black hat trickery will beat Google. Since its inception, Google’s goal is to index quality content and display it in its search result. Every alteration to the search algorithm since has been to weed out weak and fraudulent content.  Nothing beats well-crafted, real content that speaks to the reader.

Each of these steps are an important part of the content creation process. Blue Zone Marketing employs these methods for their clients on the daily.

Our commitment is to help our clients reach their target audiences.  We deliver content that will perform well in searches and convert readers into clients. Whether that content is social media, blogs, or an entire website – if you need help creating it, we’re here for you.

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