June 15, 2022

The Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2022

In the digital world, first impressions matter. When customers are bombarded with multiple website options with every click, your website design must be instantly appealing to maintain a prospect’s interest. Conversely, an outdated landing page can increase your site’s bounce rate and decrease conversions. In other words, run-of-the-mill will send visitors running away. So make sure your site catches the eye, enticing potential customers to hang around by using one of these popular design trends.

1. Bold and Experimental Typography

Online consumers can expect to see an increase in chunky, oversized fonts emblazoned across a subtle background. Any rules regarding font choice, shape, or fill color have been disregarded, leaving room for experimentation.

But beware. Mixing and matching fonts is fine, but the more carefree you are with your typography, the more you’ll want to ensure you stick with a cohesive color palette for your website and social media profiles. Innovative and unique web designs will catch consumers’ attention, but your website shouldn’t compete with your brand identity or drive away your target market.

2. Think Three-Dimensionally

The “three-dimensional” designs that gained traction in 2021 remain popular this year, and for good reason. The sense of motion gives internet surfers, who may have been sitting for an hour looking at their computers, a feeling of relief from the monotony of being sedentary. Video is still the most effective method of showcasing this style. Websites often use videos that project a 3D feel–that is, not just filming a space, but filming while the camera is moving around a space–to create a sense of depth and dimension. 3D-style videos allow visitors to feel fully immersed in the brand’s offerings as soon as they arrive.

Dynamic products such as vehicles, drones, and athletic equipment frequently feature these types of videos on their brand pages, and give these products vitality. But don’t sacrifice video quality. The professionalism of your video is an aspect of this trend that can’t be overlooked, as media that looks unprofessional is worse for a website’s appearance than skipping this design element altogether.

3. Split-Screen Styling

A split-screen homepage, where one or both sides of the page offer scrolling, is a digital power-play, immediately showing visitors more of your content than single-screen pages. Allowing prospects multiple entry points makes them more likely to see something that interests them enough to click further into your content. The most common layout is a vertical split, so if you want your site to stand out from the crowd try using a horizontal split.

4. Feeling Fun

As society collectively tries to regain its social footing following the pandemic, it’s no surprise that optimistic design elements are becoming more prevalent. Designers and consumers alike find joy in funky shapes, smiling faces, and even whimsical cartoons. An experienced designer will be able to create a joyful aesthetic that doesn’t appear juvenile to consumers.

And don’t sell yourself short. Have a professional construct your website if you’re ready to add some serious good vibes to your homepage. Chances are, your investment will pay for itself in short order.

5. Or: Black, White, and Minimalist

Even as bold typefaces and bright colors become trendy, black and white color schemes will always be a fantastic option for your website, if you want to project more of an introverted, modern mindset. Minimalist styling allows the two contrasting colors to take center stage, creating an aesthetic that is as soothing as it is stark. Updating the minimalist color theme with an ultra-modern layout will elevate this classic style and ensure your site looks stunning.

In offline interactions, you may be able to overcome a lackluster initial impression with excellent customer service or engaging conversation, but that’s not the case online. Your site’s design will likely be your visitors’ first encounter with your brand, so make sure their experience is positive. Reach out to Blue Zone Marketing today, and let us craft the perfect website for your business.

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