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March 31, 2021

The Dos and Don'ts of Customer Service

Customer Service is something that EVERYONE can relate to.  When people see it done well, they appreciate it. Unfortunately though, when it’s done badly, people never seem to forget it.  That’s why it’s important for businesses to know, and master, the dos and don’ts of customer service.

DO: Anticipate Their Needs and Wants

It’s important to do more than just listen to your customer’s needs.  You need to understand their unexpressed wishes and anticipate their next move.  If you can stay one step ahead of them, you’ll naturally give them what they didn’t yet know they needed! That builds an invaluable relationship, which lets you stand out from the rest. They’ll feel valued.  This translates to repeat customers who want to share their positive experiences with all their friends!

DO: Show Genuine Interest

This one should be common sense – people want to feel cared for.  They want to know you appreciate their business, and that you actually want to help them.  Your product or service isn’t just something you’re selling, it’s something you genuinely want your customers to enjoy because you care.  The way to make this apparent is by building genuine relationships with your customers.  This comes from listening to their needs! Hear their concerns, laugh along with their joys, and don’t be afraid to get personal (  Something as small as memorizing the name of their granddaughter or asking about their last trip to Maui will help solidify these relationships.

In a digital world, doing this well means using social media.  This is the most natural way to engage in a transparent conversation online! Your online customer service is just as important – if not more so –  than your real-life interactions. At the end of the day, the customer wants to feel that their hard-earned money is being spent on a business that truly cares about them and their needs.

DO: Have the Answers and Deliver

You’ve heard it said before.  “The customer is always right,” but YOU are still the expert in your field.  Remember that you possess the knowledge about your product and service, and the customers are trusting that.  One of the most important facets of customer service is simply having the answer and being able to deliver it (Digitalist).

If you don’t have the answer, make your best effort to find it out or direct the customer to someone who can. No matter what, avoid the phrase, “I don’t know” at all costs! Remember, you’re the expert. Delivering prompt and accurate answers will build the trust and confidence your customers deserve.

DON’T: Restrict the Customer

No one – especially customers – like to hear the word, “no.” And although it’s not always possible to say “yes,” the best practice is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible for your customers (Customer Service Manager).

If there’s one thing a customer hates to hear more than “no,” it’s that something is “company policy.” Why? Firstly, company policy doesn’t matter much to the average customer.  That’s because, from their perspective, you’re not an employee following policy, you’re a company restricting them from getting what they want. Another reason this is such a bad approach is that it places a giant roadblock in the conversation. Both you and the customer are left without a solution to discuss.  The interaction – and likely the relationship – will end right there.

DON’T: Make Things Overly Complicated

Getting assistance should not be more painful than the problem itself.  A good solution to this common problem is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page! This makes answers to common questions public on your website.  Unless your customer service staff is incredibly accessible the FAQ page is a huge return on investment. Resolved customer complaints put a stop to potential negative reviews!

Speaking of reviews…

DON’T: Ignore Feedback or Complaints

Feedback, no matter its form, is always a plus. Your customers are the reason you’re in business.  Feedback from them – both positive and negative – can only help you be better.

Really listening to the good, the bad and the ego-deflating will ultimately help you to improve in the end…we promise. You’ll understand your customer better, identify and solve your pitfalls and grow bigger and better (MinuteHack)! So, the next time a customer wants to give you their feedback, get excited! It’s an opportunity for improvement.

Good customer service always will be an essential part of any business. It’s your customer’s first point of contact with your business, and we all know how important first impressions are!  Providing quality customer service allows your customers to connect and build trust with your brand.  In today’s world, word of mouth can be more effective than any advertisement, so mastering your customer service is a must!

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