April 1, 2022

Local Marketing Company Opens During Covid, Emerges As “Best Advertising Agency in North Idaho” in 2022

Up-and-coming local business, Blue Zone Marketing, recently celebrated being voted “Best Advertising Agency In North Idaho” in the annual Voter’s Choice Award competition.  The victory came after only two years of operation in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

“We opened up in March of 2020, at a time when so many businesses were relying on their digital presence due to various in-person restrictions.  It ended up being an optimal time for businesses to shift their spending towards boosting their online brand, and we were there to help. Our entire team is passionate about serving this community, so receiving this award as such a young company has been a real honor.”

-Dominic Longo, President/CEO, Blue Zone Marketing

Blue Zone Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency with a twist. They provide standard marketing services such as social media management, reputation management, PR, website design, blogging, SEO, SEM, graphic design, and more.  However, they also offer an exclusive software that allows businesses to manage their digital presence within one dashboard.  

“Having the tech component really sets us apart from other agencies.  We’re already developing version 2, which is due out in Q3 this year.  This update will continue to allow businesses to manage so much of their online reputation in one place.”

-Dominic Longo, President/CEO, Blue Zone Marketing

Several local and national companies already take advantage of this software, but Blue Zone Marketing has a strong reputation for pouring into the North Idaho community.

“I decided to start my own business during Covid.  I walked into Blue Zone Marketing’s office at the Innovation Den and just started asking questions.  The entire team coached me through what I needed to get off the ground in the middle of a pandemic.  I took their free advice and I saw success, so I hired them for other projects. I’m proud to say I work with them, and our business connection has really evolved into a great friendship.”

-Isaac Cunnington, Owner, My Sushi Sensei

Blue Zone Marketing’s victory has become a symbol of hope for many local business owners. For more information about the company, visit

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