Reputation Management

September 29, 2020

How To Respond to Positive Reviews

How You Respond Matters

A thriving business depends on positive online reviews, and how a company responds to those reviews is just as important as actually having them! In the digital age, the consumer’s use of online review platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook is what literally announces the quality of their business to the world. The good news is, business owners and managers can easily monitor and damage their reviews and responses online. This is what we call the power of online reputation, which comes with responding promptly and effectively to each review they receive.

Unfortunately, it’s often the negative reviews that get the most attention. Positive reviews, however, are just as important! It’s extremely important to thank customers for taking the time to review your business. This small acknowledgment encourages others to take the time to leave a review also.

It’s a fact: 92% of consumers read online reviews. Businesses simply can’t afford to stand idly by. Turning a happy customer into a regular customer comes from responding to positive reviews. 70% of complaining customers will do repeat business as long as you resolve the complaint in their favor. The first step is to engage with them online.

How do I best respond to positive reviews?

It’s simple. Say “thank you”, address them by name, and promote the good or service they reviewed by mentioning it!

Thank them and be specific. It’s that easy.

In real life, would you let a customer complaint go unnoticed? Apply that same principle to a review response! Restate and reiterate the customer’s complement. This lets the customer know that a real person took time out of their day to acknowledge them, not just a computer or robot. This makes them feel good and appreciated.

Say Your Name!

Remember, each word in your review response will help you be found in search results. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Positive reviews work wonders in search engines. Including your business’ location, name, and type (restaurant, doctor’s office, coffee shop, etc.) helps index that review online.

Use Online Review Responses as Marketing Tools

Is your business famous for a certain recipe? Are you offering a promotion next month? A review response is a fantastic place to advertise this. Free publicity was never so easy!

Tell Them What To Do!

We don’t mean to be bossy, but add a call to action! Invite them to bring a friend or try a different drink the next time they visit!

Clearly, a positive review response is much more than a way to say thanks to your customers. The hidden potential helps you market to your followers, engage your loyal customers, and advertise your company yet again. Look at it this way – each and every positive review is another opportunity to sell your business!

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