May 17, 2023

How to Identify the Perfect Concept for a New Business Website

Your website is the foundation for your online marketing strategy, and depending on your industry, it may be the first impression you make on your customers. Therefore, choosing the perfect website design concept is essential to creating a site that meets your company’s needs, whether the purpose of your site is lead generation, e-commerce sales, conversion, or conveying information.

When developing a design concept for your business’s website, there are specific notes you must hit if you want it to serve as a digital siren song to lure consumers to your company. Since there’s no shortage of poorly designed sites on the world wide web, a well-designed website sets you apart from the competition and gives your brand credibility.

Introduce Yourself

If someone who doesn’t know your brand clicks on your page, they shouldn’t have to scroll or search to find out who you are and what you offer. Visitors want to know if this is a website they’re interested in as soon as they arrive on your page. Tell them if they’ve made it to the right place by putting your company’s name and a summary of your service or product on the homepage.

Identify Your Why

Before you can create the ideal design concept for your site, you need to know precisely why you’re building the website in the first place. Without a clear purpose, there’s no way to identify if your design concept is effective because there’s no way to determine what counts as success.

While most business websites serve multiple purposes, every great website has a primary goal. Your website’s primary goal will be decided by the industry you’re in and the service or product your company provides.

Make It Effortless

Once you’ve established the fundamental purpose of your website, you’ll need to ensure visitors can complete the desired action effortlessly. A well-crafted website design makes it easy for site visitors to know where to go.

You want your webpage to be impossible to misunderstand, with easy-to-identify links and straightforward visual cues that shuttle the visitor to the endzone without requiring them to think hard about how to get there. A successful website design sets visitors up for success by immediately telling them what your site’s about and offering user-intuitive navigation.

Function Over Form

While unique fonts and flashy graphics may seem appealing during the design process, they can act as a deterrent to visitors if they distract from why they are visiting your page. Instead, all elements of your design should serve a purpose: helping visitors get where they’re trying to go.

Visual hierarchy refers to positioning or presenting elements in a manner that clearly communicates their importance. Using visual hierarchy techniques on your site involves making essential components of your site focal points that stand out on the page. You’ll also want to avoid walls of text and opt for easy-to-scan bullet points that are user-friendly and eye-catching.

Let Blue Zone Marketing Craft Your Ideal Website Design Concept

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