August 9, 2022

How to Boost Specific SEO for Seasonal Campaigns

How to Boost Specific SEO for Seasonal Campaigns

It’s never too early to start planning a seasonal search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to drive traffic to your website. While SEO is crucial year-round, holidays provide ample opportunity to customize your SEO strategy to suit the season. Here’s everything you need to know to improve your seasonal SEO practices.

Choose Keywords Intentionally

While you likely have a tried and true list of keywords that pull consumers to your website, you’ll want to add season-specific search terms to your rotation. Your ideal customer will be on the prowl, and you want to ensure your website is on the first page of their search results.

The products you sell or services you offer will play a role in determining which seasonal phrases will benefit you most, as will the current trends. If you aren’t sure what terms to use, our team can provide you with insight regarding which keywords are trending for the coming season.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Season

Most retailers understandably dedicate their seasonal marketing efforts to preparing for the fourth quarter. However, just because you target your SEO practices to the winter holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on other occasions or seasons with digital marketing. There are endless occasions perfect for specific SEO, whether you target moms delighted to have their children heading back to school or single folks celebrating Galentine’s day.

Curate Seasonal Content in Advance

You’re missing out if you wait until the season has begun to release holiday-focused content. Consumers start planning for major holidays early, and they’ll be looking for blog posts that offer gift guides, festive recipes, and advice for surviving family get-togethers.

Start crafting ideas for blogs and social media posts now, and plan your strategy for releasing them. You’ll ensure your business ranks high in their search results if you provide relevant content that helps them solve a problem. Additionally, while it may be tempting to branch out and offer a wide range of content, make sure you stay true to your brand and create media related to your business.

Improve Your Existing Seasonal SEO Campaigns

If the seasonal campaign you created last year was a hit, don’t be afraid to repurpose blog templates and ideas for this season. Of course, you’ll need to do keyword research and update content as appropriate, but breathing new life into your existing campaigns can give you the jumpstart necessary to spark your creativity.

Remember, a successful prior seasonal campaign does not mean that prior visitors will get turned off if you do a similar campaign, particularly if you made the content fun and engaging. Not only do some visitors like the idea of revisiting a fun theme when the season rolls around again, but success breeds success: you will likely bring in a lot of new visitors.

This strategic upcycling doesn’t just apply to blogs and landing pages. Take a scroll through your social media analytics from the last holiday and see what posts generated the most interaction, then give the premise a fresh twist for this season.

If you want your business to be featured on the first page of your ideal customer’s Google search during the holidays, it’s time to start planning your seasonal content. Whether you need help creating a targeted campaign or want to improve your website’s design, Blue Zone Marketing can make your marketing dream a reality. So send Blue Zone Marketing a message today, and let our team handle your digital marketing needs.

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