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January 31, 2022

How Social Media Management Services Help Engage Customers With Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are 30-second video clips that can be created right within the Instagram app. They are quick, low-cost, and very easy to make, providing multiple benefits for companies looking to maximize return on their marketing budget. Social media management services are helping companies understand the best way to employ this powerful new tool, and here we take a look at how Instagram Reels can help your business thrive.

Expand Your Reach

Limited to 30 seconds in length, Instagram reels are designed to be fun, entertaining, and inspirational. Visually engaging content can help spread your campaign messaging to new customer segments, and the key is understanding how to use Reels. By capitalizing on what this format does best, your company can both engage with existing customers and reach new audiences that you may not have had access to before.

Because they are so short and generally require very little production, Reels are an excellent tool for attempting to reach a new market niche. This is the key to expanding your brand’s reach, as an Instagram Reel presents a low-cost way to speak with members of the community you’ve targeted. This allows you to share your message, get community feedback, and refine your messaging to maximize impact and engagement.

Build Trust

Online reputation drives customers to choose one brand over another, so companies continue to invest in new ways to build and maintain trust. The informal, personal nature of an Instagram Reel is tailor-made for building trust, as it can feel more like one friend talking to another. For instance, a local bakery can make a quick “behind the scenes” Reel that takes viewers into the kitchen for a personal look at how they make their delicious scones.

Another way to build trust is to share user-generated content as Reels. This means seeking out users who have created content using your brand’s products or services or leveraging competitions, giveaways, or hashtag contests to gather content you can then repurpose as Instagram Reels. This organic content feels more authentic to viewers and carries the added bonus that spotlighted users are likely to share and repost the Reels you create.

Educate Your Audience

Instagram is full of entertaining posts, and many of these can be downright silly. Instagram Reels that are more educational in nature can provide an interesting change of pace that not only captures viewer attention but gives your brand a sense of authority. One example could be something like a quick how-to video, where a company employee walks viewers through a new product they’re releasing.

Companies can also make FAQ Reels to address common questions about their products or services. Again, the key is to capitalize on the informal and personal nature of this format by selecting a brand representative who comes off as highly personable.

Instagram Reels are an excellent creative tool for helping your company reach new audiences as well as generate more engagement from existing customers. Contact Blue Zone Marketing to learn more about how to use Reels to get the most out of your marketing budget.

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