October 21, 2021

Google’s New Continuous Scroll Feature: What It Means For You

The Google machine is always coming out with new and improved features for users.  In recent years, we’ve seen hands-free google commands and message scheduling make life easier for those on the web.  They’ve even developed the ability for Google Assistant users to hum a song into google to find out its name.  And while not everyone is rushing to delete their “Shazam” apps, features like these are making it easier for Google users everywhere to surf the net with ease.

The most recent – and perhaps shocking – feature comes for English-language mobile users searching the web.  On October 14th, Google introduced continuous scrolling on mobile devices, meaning that search results will now automatically load with relevant information, even after you reach the bottom of Google’s first page of search results.

The new design is aimed at delivering a more modern user experience that’s easy to navigate.  The seamless scroll feature will be easily recognized by social media platform users who are already comfortable with that format of searching.  

Browsing may feel a lot more seamless and intuitive with this new feature, but what does it mean for marketing your business?  Well, it gives some companies a last chance at being found by a patient mobile-scroller who would otherwise neglect to check page two of the search engine results.  It’s almost as if Google is throwing those struggling businesses a bone.  That is – IF the user continues scrolling.

Does that mean you shouldn’t worry about SEO marketing? Hardly! Search Engine Optimization is still imperative for anyone with a website that needs to be found online.  Google may keep the content coming, but we humans still have the same attention span! With only 2.7 seconds to capture the attention of a searcher in their scroll, companies will have to be sure they still rank towards the top.

After all, even if your site happens to be found by the continuous scroller, it still has to be chock full of interesting, relevant content.  There are millions of websites that don’t even make the top 5 google search results pages.   So if you’re lucky enough to show up, you’re still going to want searchers to stick around your site.  That’s where quality content comes in.

We’ve written a ton about creating quality content on your website and social platforms.  It’s something we’re passionate about.  If you’re not blogging for SEO and posting regularly to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business, you’re missing out!  But business owners are busy and often don’t have time for content creation.

That’s where we come in!

We get to know your brand and your culture so we can assist with things like blogging, social media content and management, online reputation management and more! We’d love to chat about your business goals to see how we can help.  Before you know it, you’ll be building and boosting your online brand where it matters most – on good old Google!

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