January 3, 2023

Get Results with Video Marketing

The importance of video marketing is undeniable. Most people today live much of their lives online. We experience culture and identity, find meaning, and search for answers in the world of media content–which creates a vital opportunity for marketers.

Among the various forms of media content, videos dominate. Consumers increasingly turn to videos above almost every other content platform. 54% of consumers want more video content from a brand or business they support. Video performs 87% better than any other form of visual content online.

If you would like to sell your product or service in today’s marketplace, it’s in your best interest to consider media videos. The good news is that it is relatively easy to get started. Even if you need to start with your cell phone camera, for now, most smartphones provide surprisingly competitive levels of video quality. As you grow your business, you can save up for high-quality gear.

Though it is easy to start with video content, you need to know what you’re doing to compete with what is out there.

At Blue Zone Marketing, we have the media video game down to a science. We have a well-crafted video marketing strategy that includes the following crucial elements:

    Brand Culture Videos:

What makes your company’s culture contagious? Why would a consumer (or potential employee) care about you? Today’s consumers want more than simply to be convinced about a product or service. People care about the people behind the brand.

    Brand Ethos Videos:

Who are you? What is your voice? What do you want to communicate about your company and product? This is where you can be creative while remaining informative. Make sure you have a firmly grounded sense of who you are and what you are about; otherwise, a vague lack of voice is all that will come across.

    Product Feature Videos:

Showcase what makes your product(s) unique. Get creative! Don’t think in terms of traditional product placement. Selling exercise equipment? You don’t always need to talk a lot about it–sometimes that might work against you. Set it up in a unique location to make it stand out and allow the product to speak for itself.

    Website Banner Videos:

Studies show that 81% of websites experienced an increase in time on site when a banner video was running. Blue Zone can produce a custom-built banner video for your website to engage visitors and keep them interested in your site while you tell your brand story.


Use these videos to showcase events your business hosts, how-to videos, or even host influencers or experts to talk about your product or service. Focus on entertaining and creating an emotional experience for your audience. Earn their trust, and communicate genuineness while never compromising on quality or losing authority.

Blue Zone can take your brand and make it shine in videos. We know how to create videos that people actually watch and share on social media that engender trust, engage attention, and convert leads into sales.

Dominate your media marketing game with Blue Zone. Call us today.

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