Reputation Management

November 11, 2020

Blue Zone’s Survey Program

In today’s world, a company is only as good as their customers say they are online!  When it comes to online reputation, the measure of your company’s success resounds loudly in the customer’s voice.  That’s why Blue Zone Marketing offers the BZ Survey Program. It’s an effective solution to building a positive online reputation.

Reviews Equal Rewards

90% of customers read online reviews before buying.  The BZ Survey Program gives you the power to harness positive customer experiences and use them to boost your star power online.  That way, consumers doing research not only find YOU, but they also find out ABOUT you.

Filter Your Feedback

With the BZ Survey Program, you can collect feedback faster than ever before. It’s essentially an internal survey program with an exclusive, two-part system.  You can request reviews over text message or email. All you need to do is import your customer database into our user-friendly dashboard. This provides you the benefit of managing the quality of your reviews.

For example, say a customer had a mediocre experience and wants to talk about it – when they receive your internal review request via the Survey Program, you are able to remedy that situation internally and turn them into a satisfied customer before they go rate you online.  You can then provide links to your favorite online review sites like Google My Business, Facebook, Zillow, Vitals, Trip Advisor, and more!

Now you can funnel highly-rated reviews to the public sphere, and keep the lower-rated ones internal.  This way, you can benefit from the happy customer’s experience, and restore the relationship with the less-than-impressed customer to make things right.

All Around Benefits

With the BZ Survey Program, you’ll reach the customers that interact with your business by inviting them to share their experience online.  This will generate more reviews and raise your star rating too.  There are so innumerable benefits to be had from surveys!

  • Build a presence across top review sites
  • Use happy customers to win more business
  • Collect feedback faster than ever
  • Customize templates for your brand
  • Reach customers wherever they are (text & email options)
  • Shine in local search engine results
  • Leverage the voice of happy customers
  • Better understand your success

More Feedback Helps You Perfect Your Business Model

Blue Zone Marketing’s Survey Program is the best filtration system ever to hit the marketing world.  You can boost your positive reviews publicly and funnel the negative reviews internally, working towards a resolution.  Without surveys, you’re leaving customer feedback on the table.  If you want to know how to boost your online reputation, our Survey Program is the answer every time!

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