July 22, 2021

All About QR Codes and Why You Need Them!

What are QR Codes?

A QR code is a Quick Response code. QR codes are scannable 2D matrix barcodes that connect your device to links. It can be just about any type of link. Businesses often find QR Codes useful for linking directly to:

Many businesses use them on business cards, banners, or even posters in their offices! Due to COVID, many restaurants are using QR codes for menus instead of having paper menus. QR Codes are also being utilized for payment such as Apple Pay or PayPal. After all, they are touchless!

QR codes are also easy! They can be scanned by almost all smartphone cameras. If your smartphone camera cannot scan QR codes, then you can download a QR code scanning app – there are several. When you hover your camera over the code, it automatically takes you to the predetermined link.

Why Are QR Codes Important?

Juniper Research predicts that “over 5.3 million QR code coupons will be redeemed by 2023, and over 1 billion smartphones will access QR codes by the same year.”

Why will so many people be using QR codes? We are a fast-paced society! People don’t have time to type in a full, long URL. With QR codes, people simply open their camera on their smartphone and get the clickable link immediately. If you’ve ever used a QR code, then you know how quickly it loads the link for you – maybe a second or two. This is why every marketer should be using them. There is no faster or easier way to get information into your customer’s hands.

Why You Need To Start Using QR Codes – Even if You’re Not a Restaurant!

While being touchless is a great benefit of QR codes, there’s more to these pretty pixel codes than you think!

  1. They’re inexpensive!
    For a nominal fee, Blue Zone creates branded QR Codes for our clients with their logos embedded into the design, along with their company colors. Talk about brand awareness!
  2. They’re fast!
    There is literally no quicker way to get your information into your customer’s hands (aside from literally handing them some print marketing collateral). But just think of all the paper you’ll save!
  3. They’re versatile!
    QR Codes can be printed on almost anything – like brochures, menus, catalogs, letters, profiles, coupons, apps, and more. You can also keep the QR code digital. #savethetrees For example, when you buy a plane ticket, movie ticket, or concert ticket, you no longer have to print out a physical copy of your ticket, but you can access it on your device by showing a QR code.

How Can I Use A QR Code In My Business?

There are endless possibilities for your company to use QR codes. Here’s a few ideas for you:

  • Direct customers to your social media profiles
  • Direct customers to view your location on Google Maps
  • Direct customers to your preferred review site so they can leave you a positive review!
  • Link a product page with pricing information
  • Link your website

Here’s the deal – QR codes have made a comeback! Your company can only benefit from them. They can save you and your customers time, energy, and money. Once you implement QR codes into your business, you will most likely see an increase in customer engagement, an enhanced customer experience, a boost in sales, and an overall growth in your business. Start integrating them into your ad campaigns today and watch your business thrive!

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