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March 31, 2022

6 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Creating a strong social media presence with great content and high engagement is a sure-fire way to gain brand recognition. If you’re struggling to gain a solid footing in the online world, there are some foolproof techniques that can help you ensure your social media content creation is timely, appealing, and on-point.

1. Maintain a Regular Posting Schedule

Once you have created an account with all the main social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are good places to start), it’s important to post content according to a regular schedule so that you can maintain a presence in newsfeeds without being spammy. The magic number here seems to be one post every 24-48 hours. Less than this and people might not notice you; more than this and you risk being unfollowed for over-posting.

2. Create Eye-Catching Content

Posting content several times per week won’t get you anywhere if your content is sub-par. Nobody has to follow you, so unless you are adding something of value to your followers’ feeds, you can expect them to lose interest in a hurry. Excellent photography with an on-point caption is a must. Invest in a newer-version iPhone or a professional camera to ensure your images are consistently high-quality.

3. Engage your Audience

Creating opportunities to connect with your followers goes a long way towards improving engagement on your social media platforms. You might achieve this by asking a question in your caption, setting up polls in your “stories,” or creating live videos. The key here is to interact with your audience. This not only increases traffic to your site but also gives you insight into your followers’ likes and dislikes, which can be very helpful to your advertising strategy.

4. Reach Out to Similar Brands

If you are a relatively unknown brand or business, don’t expect people to come to you. Start following, liking, and commenting on other pages that are in a similar space. This will give you visibility where you need it and will also create opportunities for others to follow you back. Gaining a following on social media is all about building relationships and putting yourself out there.

5. Maintain a Consistent Aesthetic

Before you even create your first post, you should already have an idea about how you want to present your brand voice. It’s important to craft a consistent look and feel throughout all your posts that accurately reflect your brand image. Posting just for the sake of posting will turn followers off – you want to create content that is well thought out, relevant, and visually in keeping with your page as a whole.

6. Hashtaging Your Social Media Content Creation

Making optimal use of hashtags is key to getting your content in front of the right audience. Instead of using 50 random hashtags (which on some sites can flag you as spam), find no more than a dozen hashtags that are specifically relevant to your post. Avoid overly general hashtags like “flowers” or “travel” – there are thousands of people posting under these hashtags every minute, and your post will get lost in the noise.

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