April 6, 2021

4 Things You Can Start Doing Now for Social Media Success

As social creatures, it’s really no surprise that social media is the number one way to reach people today.  Most businesses are aware of this, but many still don’t make use of its full benefits!  Social media is exciting, but it can be equally as daunting if you don’t necessarily speak hashtags and algorithms.  That’s why we’ve outlined a few simple steps that anyone can take to make sure their Social Media starts soaring now!  

    Maintain Brand Consistency!

Your brand is an invaluable marketing tool.  Ideally, you have a catchy logo with your signature fonts and colors.  This makes you uniquely recognizable in the digital world.  Your social media posts need to clearly reflect your brand.  From your tone of voice in the captions to the aesthetics of your images – it all needs to be a reflection of your product or service.  That’s what allows your target market to keep finding you!

    Post Regularly!

Did you know there are over 100 Social Media Platforms out there?  While you may not need ALL of them to reach your target market, it’s important that you’re using the ones you have correctly and consistently.

The easiest way to be forgotten is to allow too much time between your posts.  This is specifically important when it comes to blogging, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.  Going dark for even a few days can cost you those regular followers that seek and depend on your content.  With gaps between posts, your content loses its place in their feed, and your money loses its place in their wallet!  Remember – if you stop posting, they’ll stop checking.

The best remedy for irregular posting is a Social Media Tool like the Blue Zone Dashboard.  Software like this allows you to post to all of your social media sites from one location.  No more remembering different passwords and logging into individual accounts.  You can manage your comments, reviews, messages and posts – all in one user-friendly dashboard.

    Post to ALL of Your Platforms!

Each social media channel has different requirements for image size and link capability.  It’s good to know what the parameters are – and to plan accordingly.  That’s another reason social media tools like the Blue Zone Dashboard are so helpful.  It’s a busy business owner’s best friend.  There, you can schedule out posts in the future.  You can even post content to each site with unique captions for each.

For example, Instagram allows images and text but no links, while Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can include links, thereby driving more traffic to your site.  Likewise, Twitter caps post length at 280 characters, while Instagram allows for 2200 characters in one post!

One of the most overlooked platforms is Google My Business.  What a shame! This is actually one of the most valuable platforms to post on.  People often land on this page before your other social media accounts.  Posting regularly provides Google with what they want – more content (images, text) by which people can find your business in their search engine.  Don’t miss this opportunity to organically rank higher in search results!

    Post More Video Content!

Just like each channel has different character caps & image sizes, videos have specific dimension requirements too.  For instance, Instagram reels are 15-30 seconds long, while TikTok videos are one minute.

Getting the length right is important.  You want to send a concise message that captivates your audience with the little time you have.  But let’s be honest – if you aren’t creating video content – you’re missing out already.  Our busy and visual culture has shortened people’s attention spans.  Oftentimes, we have more time to watch or hear someone tell us the message than to read a lengthy article about it.  Use that time wisely, and POST MORE VIDEOS!  They’re easy to share and fun to watch! Keeping the content fresh is key to success here.

We used the above video on our
YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Pages, which ultimately drove them back to our website for more information!

If you haven’t been using your Social Media Platforms to their full potential, now is the time to start! The good news is, by doing these 4 things, you’re already on your way to building a larger fan-base and reaching a larger market.  It just takes a little consistency and a lot of dedication.  Don’t sweat it. We believe in you! Happy Posting!

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