August 29, 2022

4 Things You Can Learn From Your SEO Ranking Reports

4 Things You Can Learn From Your SEO Ranking Reports

An SEO (search engine optimization) ranking report is a summary of how your website and your other web platforms are doing – specifically, where your website stands in organic search engine results when someone is typing in terms that should match the services, products, or content that you offer. Taking a critical look at this report is an excellent way to discover what areas of your SEO strategy need improvement. Keep reading to find out how to use the data in your ranking report to push your business in front of consumers seeking the service or product you provide.

1. Whether Your Website is Being Found

SEO is the process of boosting traffic to your website by utilizing ways of moving your website up the ladder on a search engine results page (SERP). What you want is for potential customers surfing the web to find your website right away – ideally, at the top of page one. This type of result, which derives not from any paid ads, but simply from the free listing that search engines provide, is called organic traffic. Your ranking report tells you where you rank on SERPs, or in layman’s terms: What page and how far down the list does your website show up when people are looking for the service you offer?

The most basic SEO goal is to boost organic traffic to your website, which means taking steps to rank high on SERPs when customers search for keywords related to your business. Most search engine users will not click past the first page of results, and a scarce few will venture past the second. So the first thing your SEO ranking report is going to tell you is how well your SEO practices are performing in helping your website to be found. If you find that your website is not moving you up the search engine ladder, you need to come up with a better SEO strategy.

2. How Trustworthy Your Business Is

Search engines such as Google use numerous parameters to evaluate your website’s trustworthiness and accuracy. If your website has a high trustworthiness score, Google will improve your ranking on SERPs. One of the ways you can make your business appear more trustworthy is by managing your online listings. When your business has multiple accurate listings online, algorithms rank your site higher, allowing you to be found by more search engine users.

If your SEO rank report shows a sudden decline with no change in your marketing efforts, you may need to manage your online listings. If some of your listings are updated, and others are not, this can cause your trustworthiness score to plummet, which will be reflected in your ranking report.

3. If Your SEO Strategies are Working

If you don’t know where you’re starting from, it’s impossible to determine if you have made any progress in getting to where you want to go. One thing an SEO report provides is an indicator of how you are doing over time. Tracking your SEO metrics enables you to evaluate the strategies and techniques you are employing to boost your traffic and achieve your SEO goal: moving closer to the first page of search results.

This data will also show what type of content marketing methods are bringing the appropriate people to your page. Once you know what kind of content attracts your target consumer, you’ll be able to focus your energy and budget on producing material that will drive even more traffic to your site.

4. The Effectiveness of Your Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is critical to increasing the number of clicks your website receives. SEO ranking reports need to be considered when completing keyword research, as the report will show you which keywords and phrases bring visitors to your site. It will also show you which keywords are linked to conversions.

If deciphering your ranking report is a task you don’t have the bandwidth for, our Blue Zone team is ready to help. We offer the services and software you need to ensure your digital marketing efforts produce optimal results. Contact Blue Zone Marketing today for a free business report card.

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